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The best way to predict the future is to create it and with his father and grandfather having made their mark in the sport, 19 year old Layne Flad is looking to be a part of wagon racing's future.

Son to WPCA driver Darcy Flad and grandson to the late Herman Flad, Layne Flad was born into chuckwagon racing on November 28, 2000. Growing up he always wanted to be in the barn and could be found cleaning stalls or doing something with his grandpa but the one thing he really wanted to do was get in the wagon.  His dad Darcy was not a fan of that and was concerned Layne would get hurt but his grandpa Herman had other ideas.
Herman told Layne to go run across the road and hide then he would pick him up with the outfit.  As planned, when Herman drove by Layne jumped in and went for a drive and nothing or no one was going to stop them.
As the years went by and Layne got older he started getting in the wagon more often and helped his dad as the assistant driver.  With age and experience Layne became stronger and started to drive with his dad in the wagon then worked his way to race on the Western Chuckwagon Circuit in 2018.  In 2019 Layne made his WPCA Pro Tour debut and recorded 2 top ten runs then finished out the season winning his dash for cash heat at the Century Downs World Finals.

A 35th place finish on the 2019 WPCA Pro Tour forced Layne to go to the 4 day Run-Off in Dewberry, Alberta where 12 drivers would compete with the top 6 earning the right to race on the 2020 WPCA Pro Tour.
Layne would finish 2nd at the 2019 Run-Off and he was excited to know he would be back on the tour especially after getting down on himself midway through the season.  “Things weren’t going very good” he said, “Finally we had some good luck in Strathmore then at Century Downs I won my dash for cash heat on the last day and started to build some momentum.”
The momentum carried him into the off season as he prepared for 2020, however, due to the race season cancellation related to COVID-19, Laynes momentum came to a sudden stop and it has affected him both at school and with the wagons. “It’s been tough” he says”  The University I go to closed early so I had to do my engineering course on line and that was tougher than anything I have ever done. All my life I have been around wagon racing and haven’t done anything else all summer so it’s kind of tough there too.”   

Looking back on some old photos of himself when he was just a baby and his grandpa Herman Flad he reflects on many memories.  With the challenges the world is facing related to Covid-19 and the closing of school and cancellations of racing Layne says he just goes with the flow.
Darcy and Layne continue to take care of responsibilities around the farm including fixing corrals and dealing with bulls. Layne has taken on a job in construction to help pay for the extensive costs to care for his horses
The Flads have 12 new horses and have been hooking them during the summer so they get some experience in preparation for the 2020 season.


CLICK HERE to listen to the Outside the Wagon Podcast with Darcy Flad and Layne Flad

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