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"WILD CARD" Ross Knight Captures The Ponoka Stampede Championship

2022 Ponoka Stampede Champions
Canadian Premium Meats Inc. Outfit
(L-R): Miss Rodeo Canada Jayden Calvert Presenting, Outrider Nolin Cameron, Driver Ross Knight,
Ponoka Stampede Association President Jason Cline and Miss Ponoka Stampede Mackenzie Skeels Presenting, Outrider Trey MacGillivray
Photo By Billy Melville

At the beginning of the 2022 WPCA racing season, ten chuckwagon drivers who took out permits to race on the 2022 WPCA Pro Tour. One of the goals was to be in the top two in the permit standings to have a chance to compete at the Ponoka Stampede as Wild Cards. In an unusual twist, the two Wild Card wagons would find themselves in a highly anticipated $50,000.00 Tommy Dorchester Championship final heat at the Ponoka Stampede - Obrey Motowylo, Rae Croteau Jr, Ross Knight and Jordie Fike – all survived the semi-final round and would run for one of chuckwagon racing’s most illustrious championships on the WPCA Pro Tour – the Ponoka Stampede. Croteau Jr. and Knight were the two Wild Cards to qualify for the 2022 Ponoka Stampede Championship.

On one of the most electrifying race nights of the year, Ross Knight - driving the Canadian Premium Meats Inc. outfit, and along with outriders Trey MacGillivray and Nolin Cameron collected the first-place winner’s cheque and the 2022 Ponoka Stampede Championship. It is the first Ponoka Stampede Championship for Ross Knight who qualified for the Ponoka Stampede just two weeks ago as a Wild Card for being in second place in the WPCA Permit Driver Standings, and was the last wagon to qualify for the 2022 Ponoka Stampede.

In a penalty free championship final, Knight captured the Ponoka Stampede crown with a run of 1:20.50 from barrel position number 3. Jordie Fike from barrel position number 4 placed second, a mere 5 one-hundredths of a second behind the champion Ross Knight. Aggregate winner Obrey Motowylo was third in the heat from barrel position number 1, while Rae Croteau Jr., the other Wild Card to qualify for the Ponoka Stampede had to settle for fourth place from barrel position 2.

As far as day results go, Chad Fike grabbed the day money after posting the fast time of the day with a 1:20.02 from barrel number 1 in the second heat. Kelly Morin’s outfit which was driven by Doug Irvine placed second, with 2022 Ponoka Stampede Champion Ross Knight in third, Jordie Fike in fourth, and Layne MacGillivray filling out the top five on the night.

The WPCA Pro Tour will now take a break for the Calgary Stampede Rangeland Derby from July 8-17, 2022.

Billy Melville

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