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In the WPCA it's all about the horses. The horses are the real stars in the sport of chuckwagon racing. They showcase their talents to you our fans every race, then they proudly prance back in front of the grandstand on their way back to the barn.

Along with the extensive care chuckwagon racing horses receive, the World Professional Chuckwagon Association believes these equine athletes deserve to be recognized for their success. In 2005 through a structured point system the WPCA implemented the Equine Outfit of Excellence to further showcase and reward the best of the best. 

2022 Equine Outfit of Excellence- After Medicine Hat

Left Lead   Right Lead
Driver Horse   Driver Horse
Cruise Bensmiller Swing   Chad Fike Legend
Chanse Vigen Red   Chanse Vigen Max
Chad Fike Cowboy   Kris Molle Farmhand
Rae Croteau Grayson   Rae Croteau Sherriff
Vern Nolin Hawk   Cody Ridsdale Baffoonery
Cody Ridsdale Lucky   Kris Molle Breeze
Kris Molle Mustard   Obrey Motowylo Hugo
Kris Molle Wildcat   Doug Irvine Sky
Doug Irvine Viable   Kirk Sutherland Kid
Kirk Sutherland Spirit   Chance Flad Palm
Chance Flad Buddy   Kurt Bensmiller Money
Obrey Motowylo Lefty   Kurt Bensmiller Strode
Left Wheel   Right Wheel
Driver Horse   Driver Horse
Vern Nolin Gaviar   Chanse Vigen Tex
Chad Fike Bro   Chad Fike Rocco
Cruise Bensmiller Tally   Kris Molle Rush
Kris Molle Smoke   Cody Ridsdale Guinness
Rae Croteau Law   Kurt Bensmiller Zapper
Cody Ridsdale Tom   Rae Croteau Power
Chanse Vigen Alfie   Kris Molle Cat
Kris Molle Solo   Vern Nolin Sully
Layne MacGillivray Ally   Kirk Sutherland Torrey
Obrey Motowylo Mo   Chance Flad Street
Doug Irvine Arby   Doug Irvine Poppa
Kirk Sutherland Bobby   Layne MacGillivray Ritz
Outriding Horses
Driver Horse
Kris Molle Wings
Doug Irvine Kipper
Chad Fike Cup
Chanse Vigen Power
Rae Croteau River
Rae Croteau Two Grand
Vern Nolin Power
Cody Ridsdale Chrome
Chad Fike Baron
Kris Molle Pappa Schmitty
Kris Molle Steve O
Kurt Bensmiller Socks
Vern Nolin Blu
Obrey Motowylo Runner
Obrey Motowylo Victor
Mitch Sutherland Murdock
Chance Flad Yippy
Chanse Vigen Coco
Chanse Vigen Mossleigh
Chanse Vigen Secret
Doug Irvine Blackie
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