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Posted By admin on May 6, 2024

If progress is defined as the process of gradually improving, then WPCA driver Chad Fike could be on the poster.

As a child, Chad Fike grew up south of Cremona, Alberta then moved to Red Deer at the age of 19. After a successful career as an outrider, and a goal to become a driver, Chad returned to the Cremona area in 2012 when he purchased 80 acres of land that overlooks a river valley. 

The following year in 2013, Chad officially made his rookie debut as a driver and has since become one of the most competitive drivers on the WPCA Pro Tour.  Since 2019 when he placed 22nd in the year end standings, Chad has progressed each year with 13th, 6th and 6th place finishes.

His progression into 2024 included purchasing 6 new horses out of Iowa. The added horsepower brings his equine team total to 26 horses in training.

One of the superstars in the herd is a horse called “Rocco”.  The 12 year old Ontario bred bay gelding was purchased from a fellow driver in 2021 and has now become Chad’s key right wheeler. In fact, Rocco has become a champion. The horse won the WPCA’s Equine Outfit of Excellence Award in 2022 and 2023 for recording the most points among all right wheelers racing on the tour.

While Rocco has been winning the awards, it’s a horse called “Bro” that Fike says is the best of the herd. “He’s my left wheeler and the horse that kept starting ahead of the horn and costing me penalties back in 2022.  Bro thought by jumping, the horn would sound and he could race.  He’s that smart.”

Chad solved the starting ahead of the horn problem by only hooking Bro when Chad was racing off the number 3 and 4 barrel positions. The move worked.

Bro himself had a successful career on the Racetrack before becoming a wagon racing horse. The Kentucky Bred Bay Gelding won over $250,000.00 US before retiring in October of 2018.

Chad Fike and all the WPCA drivers will roll on to the track on May 29th in Grande Prairie, Alberta for night 1 of the 2024 WPCA Pro Tour presented by GMC.

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