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Posted By Billy Melville on March 17, 2024

Jamie Laboucane – Top Bid At 2024 Grande Prairie Stompede Chuckwagon Canvas Auction
Photo By Bryan Hebson

The unofficial start to the 2024 WPCA Pro Tour kicked off tonight with the start of chuckwagon canvas auctions. The Grande Prairie Stompede is a one-of-a-kind event, offering exclusive advertising opportunities on the 40 best chuckwagon drivers in the World today.

The 2024 Grande Prairie Stompede Canvas Auction was a tremendous success, nearly cracking the Half-Million Dollar Mark with a total of $496,750.00 bid on the 40 participating drivers. Compared to the previous sale in 2023, the overall total was down slightly – $17,900.00, large in part to a reduction in the number of participating wagons in this year’s Grande Prairie Stompede from 44 in 2023 to 40 in 2024.

2023 World Reserve Champion Jamie Laboucane received the high bid of $40,000.00 for the five day show from Wild Rows Pump & Compression Ltd., $10,000.00 above Rae Croteau Jr.’s top bid in 2023 of $30,000.00. The low bid for the sale was $5,000.00 which matched the low bid in 2023, the average bid came in at $12,418.75, up slightly from $11,696.59 in 2023, while the median bid was $10,250.00, up slightly from the median bid of 2023 which was $9,375.00.

The next chuckwagon canvas auction will be on Thursday, April 11, 2024 for the Calgary Stampede Cowboys Rangeland Derby Canvas Auction at The Big Four Roadhouse on Stampede Park in Calgary, Alberta. Check wpca.com for more details.

Billy Melville

2024 Grande Prairie Stompede Canvas Auction Results
DriverSponsorAmount Bid
Jamie LaboucaneWild Rows Pump & Compression Ltd.$40,000.00
Rae Croteau Jr.Cinch Oilfield Hauling Ltd.$27,000.00
Chanse VigenSundown Oilfield Services Ltd.$23,000.00
Wade SalmondVJV Livestock Marketing Group$19,000.00
Kurt BensmillerTriple Threat Diesel$17,000.00
Obrey MotowyloDynamic Energy Group Inc.$16,000.00
Cody RidsdaleO’Chiese Business & Investment Centre$16,000.00
Mitch SutherlandCDN Controls Ltd.$15,500.00
Evan SalmondDe Havilland Aircraft of Canada Ltd. 236$15,000.00
Jason GlassBirchcliff Energy Ltd.$15,000.00
Evan MageeFluidPRO Oilfield Services Ltd.$15,000.00
Todd McCrackenObsidian Energy Ltd.$15,000.00
Luke TournierPidherney’s$15,000.00
Tuff DregerCompass Access Solutions Ltd.$14,500.00
Dean DregerRegulator’s Oilfield Hauling Ltd.$14,000.00
Kirk SutherlandIron Pine Contracting Ltd.$14,000.00
Layne MacGillivrayFraction Energy Services$12,000.00
Chad FikeTOMCO Group of Companies$12,000.00
Todd BaptisteFriends of Baptiste Racing$11,000.00
Dustin GorstOptimum Equipment Solutions$10,500.00
Kris MolleFriends of Circle M Stables Racing$10,000.00
Chance ThomsonThatchwood Ventures Ltd.$10,000.00
Darcy FladKimbers Creations Ltd.$10,000.00
Troy DorchesterZedcor Energy Services Corp./PureChem Services$10,000.00
Jamie TomTomtruck Enterprises Ltd.$10,000.00
Dayton SutherlandNordic Energy Canada Corp.$9,500.00
Chance FladAstro Oilfield Rentals Ltd.$9,000.00
D.J. DeSutterJeff & Julie DeSutter/Pioneer Offroad Rentals$9,000.00
Josh HrynykFriends Of GP Stompede$8,500.00
Layne FladSniper Servies$8,250.00
Jordie FikeFull Force Ventures Ltd.$8,000.00
Cruise BensmillerBonnetts Energy Corp.$8,000.00
Brett NolinTBH Ltd.$7,500.00
Ross KnightR/T Rentals Inc.$7,000.00
Doug IrvineSwab Pro (2018) Ltd.$7,000.00
Chance BensmillerKen Sargent GMC Buick Ltd.$6,500.00
Preston FaithfulM&H End Dump Services Ltd.$6,000.00
Troy FladCIMS Corp$5,500.00
Roger MooreFriends Of GP Stompede$5,500.00
Gage FladJeff & Julie DeSutter and The Outrider Posse$5,000.00
Total Amount Bid$496,750.00
Average Bid$12,418.75
Median Bid$10,250.00
High Bid$40,000.00
Low Bid$5,000.00
2023 Total$514,650.00
Difference Over 2023*-$17,900.00
* Total number of wagons down from 44 to 40.

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