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Posted By admin on April 14, 2024

The World Professional Chuckwagon Association entered a new track last week with the launch of the STOLEN RAIL LAGER.

Brix + Barrel in Calgary, Alberta hosted the launch on Thursday, April 11th, just hours before the 2024 Calgary Stampede Rangeland Derby Canvas Auction.  STOLEN RAIL was derived from the term Steal the Rail, a phrase used in chuckwagon racing when a driver who lined up on the number 3- or 4-barrel position, is first to the rail before the drivers who lined up on the number 1 or 2 barrel positions.  Racing along the rail is the shortest distance around the track and typically where you want to be positioned, especially going around the turns.

Along with the reference to chuckwagon racing in the branding, each can showcases one of the Top 5 Drivers in the 2023 Word Standings and the Champion Outrider.  This Collectors Edition format includes photos of 2023 World Champion Driver Chanse Vigen, drivers Jamie Laboucane, Evan Salmond, Jason Glass, Layne MacGillivray, and 2023 Champion Outrider Ethan Motowylo.

“The reviews on the beer at the launch were awesome and we are excited to get it out there – the cans look really fantastic and portray a true Collector’s Edition. WPCA fans will be excited to collect them all!” says Lorelle Halderman, WPCA Manager of Corporate Relations & Partnerships,  who was the driving force behind this new initiative.

STOLEN RAIL LAGER has been created by Travois Ale Works whose distillery is housed in Medicine Hat, Alberta. Travois will distribute STOLEN RAIL LAGER to select Alberta liquor stores beginning in May.

“We are thrilled to have entered into this partnership with the WPCA as it has given us the opportunity to extend our current beer lineup by branching out to create this new lager product. “It’s not Craft…It’s COWBOY”. We are excited for everyone to enjoy STOLEN RAIL LAGER this summer,” says Chris Perret, Owner, Travois Ale Works.

The WPCA will provide updates on locations where STOLEN RAIL LAGER will be available this summer.

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