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On November 18, 2004, United States Senate Resolution 452 recognized December 13th as the National Day of the Horse. In Canada, Horse Day is recognized on June 5th.

The horse is one animal that changed the world once its speed and power were harnessed. It is the first thing that allowed man to travel faster than his two legs could carry him on land. Drive down any back country road and eventually you will see horses grazing in a field.  For years, these animals have been making a positive impact on humans.  Beyond their beauty, horses can create a sense of community where people can come together and they have been known to be beneficial for peoples mental and physical well-being.

National Day of the Horse encourages people to be mindful of the contribution horses have made to the economy and history along with the impact they have made on us as humans. The domesticated horse we know today, was introduced into North America by Spanish explorers. Escaped horses eventually spread across the American Great Plains.


The horse has contributed significantly to the advancement of civilization in North America. Not only did the horse serve as vital transportation, but they cleared forests for farmland. Horses led the way westward and into battle, diversified hunting habits and help define the western cowboy.

The thoroughbred is the horse breed used in the sport of chuckwagon racing. Thoroughbreds are considered hot blooded horses that are known for their agility, speed, and spirit. Worldwide, thoroughbreds are best known for racing but are also bred for other riding disciplines.

WPCA drivers collectively own over one-thousand thoroughbred horses.  These horses are typically horses that no longer compete on race tracks across North America and are given the opportunity to find new careers in the sport of chuckwagon racing.  While a day has been created to recognize the horse, WPCA drivers care for their horses year round, they train them and ensure they are fit to compete and when they compete, they showcase their talents and their majestic beauty is recognized and celebrated by thousand of fans.

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