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It's been over 20 months since the horn sounded for a WPCA event but that is all about to change with the recent announcement coming out of Dewberry, Alberta.
The Dewberry Chuckwagon Racing Heritage Society announced last week they will be hosting the World Professional Chuckwagon Association drivers July 1st - July 4th.
The four day championship format will feature a $25,000.00 Dash for Cash on Championship Sunday and over $50,000.00 paid out over the four days.
Plans to host the WPCA in Dewberry were already in place back in May as organizers were looking to host an event in mid June to help drivers prepare for the Calgary Stampede. Their goal was to provide drivers an event to hold competitive races which the Calgary Stampede indicated was required for drivers to race at this year's event.
When the Calgary Stampede surprisingly announced in late May the cancellation of chuckwagons from the 2021 Stampede it changed the pulse in the sport.
Last week the Ponoka Stampede postponed their dates until later in the summer so the Dewberry Chuckwagon Racing Heritage Society jumped on the opportunity to move into the July long weekend dates to kick off the 2021 races for the WPCA.
The Hamlet of Dewberry is rich in chuckwagon racing history and they have a true understanding of the sport and what it takes to operate a chuckwagon racing business.
Dewberry Chuckwagon Racing Heritage Society president David Bensmiller who has competed both as a driver and outrider was passionate in his explanation as to why they want to host the event. "It's all about helping the wagon drivers. We need to get more money in the drivers pockets to help them and the sport."
The Dewberry Chuckwagon Racing Heritage Society has been working close with Alberta Health Services to ensure a safe event can be hosted. The Covid-19 regulations as of the scheduled event will be followed to ensure the safety of everyone involved.
More details of this 2021 kick off event will be released as they become available.
If you would like to sponsor or donate to this event contact David Bensmiller at 

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