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Posted By admin on January 3, 2024

With the 2024 WPCA Pro Tour presented by GMC less than 5 months away, the hiring process for judges and race personnel positions has begun.

The World Professional Chuckwagon Association takes safety and the integrity of the sport very seriously. In chuckwagon racing, judges and race personnel are responsible for enforcing the rules related to safety and maintaining the integrity of the races. 

The available positions for the 2024 race season include:

1) BARREL JUDGES – Barrel Judges are responsible for identifying penalties in the infield area. Each barrel judge is assigned a barrel position and is responsible for identifying penalties related to the driver and outriders racing from that barrel position.

2) CORNER JUDGES – Located around the racetrack are corner judges whose responsibility is to identify penalties during the race. 

3) CORNER CAMERA OPERATOR – Positioned with the corner judges are camera operators who film the races around each corner as well as down both the backstretch and homestretch. The footage from these cameras are used if necessary for review of the races to confirm if a penalty should be assessed.

4) INFIELD CAMERA OPERATOR –  Positioned in the grandstand is the infield camera operator who films the infield area.  The footage from the infield camera is used for reviewing the action in the infield and if necessary assist the barrel judges in confirming penalties in the barreling area. 

5) DRONE CAMERA OPERATOR РThe Drone Camera Operator is a new position in the WPCA.  The drone camera operator will be responsible for filming the races from an aerial perspective and providing the footage to judges on a timely basis.

6) Race Timer

7) Race Secretary

For more information or an application to apply for one of the race personnel or judging positions email gm@wpca.com 

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