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In its early days, the chuckwagon box was used for storing the many items associated with a camp kitchen.  While there were different designs of the box itself, the sport of chuckwagon racing has changed how people view its exterior.

Wagon boxes can represent a driver's brand or family history. Some wagon boxes will also feature specific or multiple sponsors who support a specific driver.  Vern Nolin's wagon box has displayed different colors over the years and once again in 2019, Nolin decided to make a change and create a unique design that was a little different.  "Everyone has a decal or design that means something to them, but we wanted to do something different" says Vern.

In 2019 during spring training, Vern's boys Brett and Brendan suggested Vern change his wagon design. can i buy ivermectin over the counter in usa Vern agreed, so Brett got creative and came up with the initial design of a graveyard.  Vern liked the design, however, he questioned how other people might take it.

Vern and his boys decided to make some adjustments so the design would be more wagon related.  First they removed the tombstones and replaced them with old wagons. Then they added broken wagons and wheels to give it more of a wagon graveyard look. azitromicina e ivermectina "I've always had an interest in old vintage wagon stuff" says Vern,  "Sometimes I will buy old wagon wheels then look them over to see how they are built. ivermectin krätze We also use old wagon wheels for decorations around our home or the flower beds."

Vern's wagon now creates added attention. At the 2019 Calgary Stampede Vern had quite a few people stop by and comment on his wagon "It's cool when people come by and take a look, ask questions and point out specifics" he says, "Some people even make up their own story.

Even when greasing the wagon wheels before races, Vern occasionally looks up at the wagon box and always see's something different. 

Vern Nolin and all the WPCA drivers are only a couple of months away from spring training when they start preparing for the WPCA Pro Tour presented by GMC

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