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TREELINE WELL SERVICES: A Powerful Expanded Partnership with the World Professional Chuckwagon Association

Posted By admin on January 29, 2024

TREELINE WELL SERVICES: A Powerful Expanded Partnership with the World Professional Chuckwagon Association

January 29, 2024

We are excited to announce that Treeline Well Services has expanded their partnership with the WPCA for the upcoming season by sponsoring the TREELINE FINISH LINE at select WPCA Pro Tour events!

“Treeline Well Services is thrilled and honored to announce our continued partnership at the Grande Prairie Stompede event, as well as our expanded sponsorship to encompass other select WPCA Pro Tour events on the World Professional Chuckwagon Association (WPCA) circuit. While horsepower may not be a literal aspect of our business, we firmly believe that Treeline and the WPCA share core values of hard work, community, and excellence.

At Treeline, we strive to align ourselves with exceptional products and organizations, and the WPCA is undoubtedly a first-class association that consistently delivers an incredible product. By partnering with the WPCA, we aim to strengthen our commitment to investing in the communities and rural small town centers where we operate in Alberta and BC on a daily basis.

One of our primary goals is to attract individuals from ranching and farming communities to join our company, much like the passionate and dedicated fans who attend and watch the Chuckwagon events. We envision the Treeline Finish Line becoming synonymous with the idea of getting the job done safely and efficiently.

As we embark on the 2024 racing season, we extend our best wishes to all the drivers and express our excitement for what promises to be a fantastic year of racing. Together, we look forward to showcasing the values of hard work, dedication, and community that both Treeline and the WPCA hold dear.”


Join this and other great companies by coming on board with the WPCA PRO TOUR this year! It’s an experience that promises to offer your company the exposure it deserves! For more information on how we can customize a partnership package tailored to your needs and budget, please call/text (403) 529-7544 or email: [email protected]!

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