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A thoroughbred gelding who won close to $300,000.00 on the racetrack was headed for the finish line but had his course changed after appearing on a Facebook post.  Now WPCA driver Cody Ridsdale and his fiance Katrina Berry will change that horse's ending.
It was a cold 2020 November morning in Fairview, Alberta.  The frigid air may have forced some people inside but it couldn't force the 45 horses on the Ridsdale Ranch to stop playing as their winter hair coats protected them from mother natures nastiness. In 2020 the nastiness of Covid-19, politics and various events throughout the world will fill ones social media feed but on this one cold November morning, it was a horse photo that appeared on Katrina Berry's Facebook feed that turned nastiness into nice.

For many in the world today, social media has replaced newspapers, television or radio for a persons update on news, entertainment or their connection to family and friends.   For those who own or have an interest in horses, when a horse appears on a Facebook feed it most likely causes that person to stop and look.  On this day however, as she enjoyed her morning coffee, it wasn't the latest news, politics or Covid-19 update that caught Katrina Berry's attention on Facebook, it was a thoroughbred horse.
"I was scrolling through Facebook and came across a photo of a horse sitting at an auction market in Manitoba" says Katrina. "I kept scrolling down and then scrolled back and looked at his registered name.  Then I searched him on Equibase." It was after reviewing the profile of the horse that Katrina realized the success this horse had on the racetrack. "When I saw the calibre of this horse and his apparent lack of nutrition, it frankly angered me that he had made his way to the auction market" said Katrina.

Within minutes after seeing the post of the horse at the auction market, Katrina had made the necessary connection to have someone outbid other buyers and find a temporary home for the horse until Katrina and Cody could have the horse shipped home.  "I only had the photo to go by and wasn't sure if the horse was crippled or crazy but felt the horse deserved a different ending and I'd spent $600.00 on crazier things." She said.
The purchase of this horse was a spontaneous decision and it appears to be one Cody agrees with. "I didn't tell Cody until the next day" says Katrina, "I showed Cody the horse's race record and asked his opinion. Cody was impressed with the horse and I said good because I bought him from the auction market for $600.00."
"I'm not sure where the horse came from because based on his race record and profile you can tell he left the racetrack a few years ago" says Katrina, "With the amount this horse has won I guarantee he was treated like a king by his owners and trainers during his racetrack years."
Once the horse arrives to the Ridsdale Ranch, Katrina says the plan is to blanket him, turn him out with the other horses in the pasture then get him on a feed program. They will also get the veterinarian to check him over and probably get his teeth done.

Katrina and Cody have named the horse Lucky. "We figure he's lucky he didn't sell at the auction market and hopefully we get lucky and he works out for us" Says Katrina.
With the multiple career and rehoming options for thoroughbred horses, Cody and Katrina's story is just one of the many stories that prove although no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.
**To follow Lucky's story as photos of his progress are posted, visit the Katrina Berry or Cody Ridsdale Facebook Pages

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