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Kris Molle Makes It A Sweep At Century Downs, Captures Season Ending Century Downs "Winners' Zone" Championship

2022 Century Downs Racetrack and Casino "Winners' Zone" Champions
Chariot Express Outfit
(L-R): Outriders Nolan Cameron, Hayden Motowylo & Kaeden Molle, Driver Kris Molle, Outrider 
Photo By Shellie Scott

It was a big day at Century Downs Racetrack and Casino as the 2022 season wrapped up on a beautiful Sunday afternoon in Rocky View County, Alberta. There was a lot on the line as Kris Molle, Chad Fike, Obrey Motowylo and Ross Knight would compete in the Century Downs "Winners' Zone" Championship Dash where they raced for $75,000.00 cash. When the wagons crossed the finish line for the last time in 2022, it was Kris Molle, driving the Chariot Express outfit, and along with outriders Nolan Cameron, Hayden Motowylo & Kaeden Molle, who captured the season ending event and will have the distinction of being recognized as the Century Downs "Winners' Zone" Champions.

In a penalty free championship final heat, Kris Molle won the Century Downs "Winners' Zone" Championship with a track record run of 1:21.59 from barrel position number 2. Obrey Motowylo placed second from barrel number 1, 66 one-hundredths of a second behind the champion Kris Molle. Chad Fike grabbed third from barrel position number 3, while Ross Knight, competing in his second consecutive Century Downs "Winners' Zone" Championship, placed fourth from barrel position number 4 in an exciting race to end the 2022 season. The championship final heat also produced the top three times on the day, and four of the top ten times. Wade Salmond and Chanse Vigen placed fourth and fifth overall on the day respectively after the top three in the championship final.

There was $60,000.00 in cash up for the 32 drivers who did not qualify for the Century Downs "Winners' Zone" Championship Dash. Heat winners included Dustin Gorst in heat #1, Josh Hrynyk in heat #2, Roger Moore in heat #3, Wade Salmond in heat #4, Rae Croteau Jr. in heat #5, Kirk Sutherland in Heat #6, Vern Nolin in heat #7 and Chanse Vigen in heat #8.

The Century Downs "Winners' Zone" Championship made it a clean sweep for Kris Molle and Chariot Express who along with outriders Hayden Motowylo and Kaeden Molle, captured Century Downs Racetrack and Casino Aggregate Championship last night. Molle and crew captured the Aggregate portion of the Century Downs World Chuckwagon Finals after posting the best aggregate time of all 36 competing drivers with a combined 5:39.31 over the first 4 days of the Century Downs World Chuckwagon Finals.

Two world champions were declared Saturday night as Layne MacGillivray won his first career World Chuckwagon Championship by 90 points over reigning World Champion Obrey Motowylo. MacGillivray set a record for the most number of points accumulated over a season with 1500, breaking a 17 year old record held by Reg Johnstone in 2005. Outrider Rory Gervais captured his third career World Outriding title over former Ethan Motowylo as well.

Equine outfit of Excellence winners included "BREEZE" of Kris Molle’s outfit on on Right Lead, "MER" of Layne MacGillivray’s outfit on Left Lead, "ROCCO" of Chad Fike’s outfit on Right Wheel, "FRANKIE" of Wade Salmond outfit on Left Wheel, and "RIVER" of Rae Croteau Jr.’s outfit and "COCO" of Chanse Vigen’s outfit were the champion Outriding Horses.

Congratulations to the 2022 World Champions, driver Layne MacGillivray and outrider Rory Gervais, and many thanks to all the corporate partners, broadcast partners, support staff and chuckwagon fans all along the 2022 WPCA Pro Tour. Enjoy a safe and prosperous off-season, and we will see you all in 2023.

Billy Melville


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