It was a Friday evening last September and according to Curtis Morin there was something definitely coming through the air that night.  The horses were running around kicking, bucking and rearing up with their front hooves almost touching one another.   "The way the horses were acting I thought maybe we were going to get a dump of snow" said Curtis, "I usually attend the Mark Sutherland Poker Tournament and it was coming up and it always seems to snow then too."
Curtis was in one of the corrals that September night with four horses while they were all acting aggressively running around and kicking. He was helping his brother Gabe feed oats to the horses. Feeding time can be very aggressive as horses try to be first to the feed pails or trough. 
Curtis went into the next corral to feed and not long after his 2020 season would change.  "I saw my retired right wheeler, Bam Bam, 8 feet away from me" Curtis explained, "I turned and passed the empty pail to Gabe and proceeded to leave the corral I was in. I immediately felt something was wrong.  My hoody was on and it was getting really windy like a storm was brewing and coming in fast.  I threw my arm up and yelled thinking if something was coming at me I could scare it off and change its direction a bit.   Then I realized I was getting run over by a horse." 
Curtis experienced a surreal feeling as he flew through the air and underneath the horses.  He knew he was in trouble then felt a hard shot on the back of his right arm and then his head and face as it they were driven into a pile of horse manure.  "I remember getting angry as the force on my face and head was painful and suddenly I’m seeing an X-ray of my ankle shattering in my brain.  I thought to myself this one is going to hurt and boom it ended just as quickly as it started.  I knew right away my ankle was broken." 
Curtis' brother Kelly and Gabe helped him out of the corral and into the truck.  He was in shock knowing that the pain would arrive in a few moments . He asked Gabe and Kelly to take his boot off.  "I could feel my ankle moving in ways that it shouldn’t" Curtis said  "Thankfully we got the boot off did not have to cut it off at the hospital."  According to Curtis, Kelly was looking green and Gabe had tears in his eyes and he later told Curtis it was from the wind blowing dust into his eyes.
The trio looked at the ankle and determined it was definitely broken. Kelly finished feeding the horses and Gabe rushed Curtis to the hospital.
That was September 27, 2019.  Curtis had surgery on October 15th to have metal implants put in to help stabilize the bone.  There were two pieces of bone broken off and they needed to be screwed and pinned back into place.  
Fast forward March 11 2020 and the  implants were removed in an effort to get full mobility and strength back.   "It’s been six months of being injured with limited mobility, Curtis says,  "I’ve had lots of time to contemplate my life, family and my health.  My healing journey starts now."
With Spring training upon us and the 2020 WPCA Pro Tour kicking off in May, Curtis says he's not even close to being fit to compete.  "To put things into perspective, I would not force a horse to train or compete if it is injured."
The surgeons taking care of Curtis made the recommendation that it is in Curtis' best interest to take time off to heal is body as the risk of re-injury will be high. "It's been a tough and emotional decision to make" he said "I have asked for input from my family and sponsors and they have all been very supportive on my decision to take the 2020 season off."
Not long after his decision, Curtis expressed an appreciation towards his fans for supporting him and set the goal to be back in 2021.
The sponsors supporting Curtis and his decision include the following...
Finning Canada Saskatoon
Dwight’s Trenching
The Watts Project 
Western Sports Foundation - Sean Gleason
CIR Realty Tamara Desjardins 
Maurice Law
Lonestar Tack and Feed 
Curtis thanks his fans for supporting him and cheering him on and says he will be back in 2021.

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