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They are some of the hardest working people behind the scenes in chuckwagon racing. Their names don't appear in headlines or on championship buckles, but they don't do it for the recognition.  Who are they? They are the women of the World Professional Chuckwagon Association.

Recognized for years as the Women of the Wagons, the women involved with chuckwagon racing have made a significant impact on the sport, their families and in some cases their community through various fundraising initiatives.  While the names may change over time, the life of a wagon woman does not.
Commencing during the Grande Prairie Stompede, Caitlin Fike, the wife of WPCA driver Chad Fike, will host a new WPCA Women of the Wagons video series to showcase the women of the World Professional Chuckwagon Association.  Posted weekly on the WPCA social media platforms, this 10 video series will offer viewers the opportunity to hear from some of the amazing women in the WPCA and see them in some of their roles behind the scenes and on the track. 

When asked about the Women of Wagons, this is what Caitlin had to say, “A wagon woman can do the work of a full crew of hands, but a full crew of hands could never do the work she does.  She’s the keeper of all emotions but the rock. She’s tired but fueled by love and excitement. She’s worried but full of hope. She’s overwhelmed but never stops. She’s steadfast even in the midst of chaos. She’s the backbone of every wagon camp."
Caitlin added: "There’s no one stronger or more selfless than a wagon woman.  Being a wagon wife is harnessing the strengths you didn’t know you had. Wagon life doesn’t come with a manual, it comes with a community of wagon women who have already blazed the trail. I’m so passionate about telling their stories and honored to showcase the heart of the sport and profiling the sport from the lens of a wagon wife."
The WPCA Women of the Wagons videos are presented by Busted Ladies Lingerie in Ponoka, AB. Store owner Sherry Gummow has been a long time fan of chuckwagon racing and promoter of local Ponoka businesses.  "From a very young age – we have watched the wagons roll" says Sherry,  "Without giving my age away – we’ve watched them roll since pony chucks were pony sized.  We love the excitement of the wagon races; the skill of the drivers and outriders – the magnificence and power of the horses – it makes the heart race." 
Sherry added: "We became more familiar with the lives of the wagon drivers when we first connected with Tim & Melissa Haroldson in 2009 at Ponoka.  While the races are exciting – we know that the life behind the scenes takes dedication, teamwork, hard work, experience, well conditioned and fed horses – and more than one horseshoe for good luck.  The wagon women are an integral part of success for the drivers.  We are very excited to be supporting the WPCA in a new way, showcasing the “Women of the Wagons.”  We salute their strength and dedication to their partner drivers, to their families, to the sport, and to the community as a whole. We know they’re all in - when they partner with a chuckwagon driver.  Busted Ladies Lingerie is honored to have this opportunity to support the “Women of the Wagons.”  

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