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Kris Molle embraced new experiences in 2021 as the Chauvin driver made his first trip around WPCA race tracks. New experiences with the WPCA continued into 2022 for Kris when he attended his first WPCA Tarp Auction in Grande Prairie last week.  In fact, it wasn't just Kris Molle's first time to a WPCA Tarp Auction in Grande Prairie, it was also his first time to the City of Grande Prairie. "I heard it would be nice" says Kris, "The scenery on the way up was beautiful and the set up at the auction was classy."

Just weeks away from making his racing debut in Grande Prairie, Kris couldn't resist checking out the race track. "I went over by the 1st and 2nd turn and the track, grandstand and facility overall looks great."

Kris purchased 6 horses in the off season and currently has 32 horses in training. One of the new horses he has high hopes for is a big gelding he calls "Norm".  The 9 year old, California Bred Bay Gelding won $77,000.00 over a 6 year, 67 race career on the track.  Kris says he's a big strong horse that's aggressive and took to driving right away.

In 2018 Kris enrolled in an Equine Dentistry Course and he's glad he did. "Every time the equine dentist came out to take care of my horses teeth I became even more interested" he said.  Now, 4 years later, Kris Molle has his own equine dental business and not only cares for his own horses teeth, he is busy year round with clients horses. جدول مباريات كأس العالم للأندية 2022

One benefit of caring for his own horses teeth is, he gets to know his horses better. Even the new horses get dental care before they start training. "All my new horses have their teeth looked after within the first 2 days I get them home" Kris says, "That is one of the first things I do before putting them into a training program. Kris performs dental care on all of his horses every 6-8 months.  Having proper teeth makes the horses more comfortable and when a horse is comfortable they are a happy horse.

Another point Kris makes is that when a horse has sharp teeth, it's natural reaction is to move its tongue away so as not to cause pain. This can potentially cause the horse's airway to be restricted if the horse's tongue does not lay properly. لعب الروليت "I want to make sure my horses don't have pain in their mouth. No pain and good teeth means they can chew properly and get better nutritional value out of their food."

With a mouth of healthy teeth, the horses in the Kris Molle barn, similar to Kris himself, will soon be racing for the first time in Grande Prairie.  Firsts for the Molle team doesn't stop there.  His son Kaeden, who was a rookie outrider in 2021, will be outriding for the first time in Grande Prairie.  Blake, the daughter of Kris and his wife Wendy, is a barrel racer and now has her professional card that will allow her to compete at the rodeo the same week the WPCA races are in Grande Prairie.

With wagons, rodeo and equine dentistry on the agenda for 2022, Kris, Wendy, Blake and Kaeden are set up to have a busy but enjoyable summer. jack pot city


Bryan Hebson

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