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The horn sounds, the tugs tighten and thousands of fans come alive as the majestic thoroughbreds showcase their talents in pursuit of the finish line.  But what happens after the chuckwagon races are over and the dust has settled? لعبة اونو كام ورقة


Three podcasts through an interview based format are designed to inform, educate and entertain chuckwagon racing fans from behind the scenes.




Every race, 96 thundering hooves take thousands of people for a ride at the same time. Outside the Wagon is your backstage pass to the World Professional Chuckwagon Association. نتلر Host Bryan Hebson takes fans behind the scenes and talks with drivers, outriders and people associated directly or indirectly with the WPCA and sport of chuckwagon racing.  



Former Sportsnet 960 The Fan Reporter/Producer Kass Patterson talks to the women of the chuckwagon world. These women are wives, mothers, horsewomen, and so much more. These women have stories to tell and this is the place to tell them because the men aren't the only ones with stories from the wagon trail.



After the Ninth is the first professional chuckwagon racing podcast. Created and hosted by third-generation driver Dayton Sutherland in 2019, After the Ninth features interviews and stories from people inside the wagon world and those connected to it.  Dayton and co-host and Kass Patterson have also expanded After the Ninth to specific video features. طاولة31













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