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Jaron Danylchuk

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Year Started Outriding
Sexsmith, Alberta
December 21, 2000

World Professional Standings

  • 2022 - 16th
  • 2021 - 19th - Rookie Season

Personal Information

A second year outrider, 2022 saw Jaron ride the championship final heat at the North American Chuckwagon Championship in Lloydminster behind Dustin Gorst's winning run, and improved three spots in the World Standings over his rookie season. aron made his debut ride behind Darcy Flad at Dewberry on the 2020 Rez Tour, and made his professional debut behind Tuff Dreger at the Battle of the Foothills in High River in 2021.

Jaron got the bug for chuckwagon racing after helping Layne MacGillivray as a barn hand when he was 12 years old. He continued to help MacGillivray for a few years at the northern shows prior to hooking up with Darcy Flad during the 2019 season. He credits Layne MacGillivray as being the most influential over his outriding career up to this point.

Jaron attended the Oklahoma State Horseshoeing School, and works as a welder and pipefitter in the off season. He enjoys hockey, hunting, fishing and doing leatherwork in the off season. He is single and makes his home in Sexsmith, Alberta.

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