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Battle of the Foothills Day 1

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Driver Barrel Heat SPONSOR Time Pen PENALTY CODE DEMERITS Total Milliseconds Points
Bob Van Eaton-0 00 00:0000
Chad Fike25Marten Hills Lodge00 00:0000
Chance Bensmiller37First General Services00 00:0000
Chance Flad35Chance Flad00 00:0000
Chance Thomson22Thorsby Stockyards / Thorsby Alberta00 00:0000
Chanse Vigen19Chanse Vigen00 00:0000
Cody Ridsdale28Cody Ridsdale00 00:0000
Darcy Flad26Darcy Flad00 00:0000
Dayton Sutherland33Dayton Sutherland00 00:0000
Doug Irvine36Doug Irvine00 00:0000
Dustin Gorst16Century Downs Racetrack & Casino00 00:0000
Evan Salmond17Evan Salmond00 00:0000
Jordie Fike38Jordie Fike00 00:0000
Jordie Fike (Wagon #2)11Jordie Fike00 00:0000
Josh Hrynyk23Josh Hrynyk00 00:0000
Kelly Morin13Kelly Morin00 00:0000
Kris Molle18Kris Molle00 00:0000
Kurt Bensmiller39Dewberry Hotel00 00:0000
Kurt Bensmiller (Wagon #2)21MJM Enterprises/Golden Sunset Ranch00 00:0000
Layne Flad12Layne Flad00 00:0000
Layne MacGillivray27League Projects00 00:0000
Layne MacGillivray (Wagon #2)31Cougar Fuels/Cascade Energy00 00:0000
Obrey Motowylo15Obrey Motowylo00 00:0000
Roy Romanow32Roy Romanow00 00:0000
Troy Flad14Troy Flad00 00:0000
Vern Nolin29JK Bar Cattle00 00:0000
Wade Salmond24Wade Salmond00 00:0000



Infield (inf); First turn(1t); Second turn (2t); Backstretch (bs); Third turn (3t); Fourth Turn (4t); Homestretch (hs); After Race (ar)

FD - Fly Dragging

OROP - Outrider Out Of Pattern

FS - False Start

POB - Tent Poles Out Of Box

FTS - Failing To Stop At Bottom Barrel

POG - Tent Pole Off Ground

JD - Judges Discretion

SLBH - Stove Loaded Before Horn

LO - Late Outrider

SNL - Stove Not Loaded

OAW - Outrider Finishing Ahead Of Wagon

SOG - Stove Off Ground

OCL - Outside Chalk Line (Barrel 1)

WAB - Wagon Ahead Of Barrel

OH - Outside Help

WI - Wagon Interference

OI - Outrider Interference

WKB - Wagon Knocked Barrel

OKB - Outrider Knocked Barrel

WMB - Wagon Missed Barrel

OMB - Outrider Missed Barrel

WOP - Wagon Out Of Pattern

ONFR - Outrider Not Finishing Race

WSAH - Wagon Started Ahead Of Horn

ORH - Outrider Helping Driver

WOL - Wagon Out Of Lane

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