Past Competitors

Chance Bensmiller


Name Birth Date: November 5, 1985
Year Started Outriding: 2002
Year Started Driving: 2002
Hometown: Dewberry, AB
WPCA Championship Final Heat Qualifications: 3


World Professional Standings
2014 - CPCA Member
2013 - CPCA Member
2012 - CPCA Member
2011 - 33rd
2010 - 32nd
2009 - 34th
2008 - 30th
2007 - 35th
2006 - 32nd
2005 - 36th
2004 - CPCA Member
2003 - CPCA Member - Rookie Season

Major Awards And Victories
  • 2003: Calgary Stampede Rangeland Derby Champion Outrider
  • 2006: WPCA Top Rookie Driver
  • 2008: Battle of the North; WPCA Most Improved Driver Award
  • 2011: WPCA Equine Outfit of Excellence - "KODAN" - Champion Outriding Horse
  • 2014: Colonial Days Fair, Colonial Days Fair Aggregate Winner

Personal Information
A very personable young driver, returned to the CPCA circuit in 2012, won the season opening stop at North Battleford, and qualified for his first career Calgary Stampede GMC Rangeland Derby in 2013. 2014 saw Chance win the Colonial Days Fair in Lloydminster, and post top ten overall finishes at St.Walburg and the CPCA Lloydminster Finals. He posted 15 top ten runs including 8 runs that placed inside the top five. Chance had a horse named to the WPCA Equine Outfit of Excellence in 2011, won the Battle of the North in 2008, received the WPCA Most Improved Driver Award in 2008 and was the WPCA Top Rookie Driver in 2006. He was an outrider on his father’s 2003 Calgary Stampede Rangeland Derby Championship outfit. Chance is a 3rd generation wagon man, whose grandfathers are former Calgary Stampede finalists Allan Bensmiller and Alan Smith. Chance started his as a driver on the CPCA circuit and was the CPCA's High Point Rookie Driver in 2003. His father is Buddy Bensmiller, and brothers are chuckwagon drivers Kurt and Dave Bensmiller. Chance was part of the Bentley Generals that won the 2009 Allan Cup – symbolic of Canada’s senior hockey champions, is single and makes his home in Dewberry, Alberta.


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