Past Competitors

Tim Haroldson


Birth Date: April 12, 1966
Year Started Driving: 1999
Hometown: Melfort, SK
WPCA Championship Final Heat Qualifications: 5




World Professional Standings

2013 - 30th
2012 - 25th
2011 - 15th
2010 - 21st
2009 - 23rd
2008 - CPCA Member
2007 - CPCA Member
2006 - CPCA Member
2005 - CPCA Member
2004 - CPCA Member

2003 - CPCA Member
2002 - 32nd
2001 - CPCA Member
2000 - CPCA Member
1999 - CPCA Member - Rookie Season


Major Awards And Victories 

  • 2003: Colonial Days Fair, Colonial Days Fair Aggregate Winner
  • 2007: Colonial Days Fair, Colonial Days Fair Aggregate Winner
  • 2014 Grande Prairie Stompede, Calgary Stampede Equine Award Of Excellence - "ALL ABOUT ME" - Champion Outriding Horse              

Personal Information
The 2014 season was Tim's last as a professional chuckwagon driver and wrapped up his career in style. He captured his first major event when he won the Grande Prairie Stompede and had a horse named to the Calgary Stampede Equine Award Of Excellence. A training mishap part way through the Calgary Stampede prevented Tim from completing the season, but 2014 saw Tim post 8 top ten runs, with five of these runs cracking the top five. Tim is a two–time champion of the Colonial Days Fair in Lloydminster, a semi-finalist at the Calgary Stampede in 2012, and has qualified for three major winner–take–all championship final heats at the 2012 Ponoka Stampede, the 2011 Capital Ex Chuckwagon Derby in Edmonton where he was runner-up to both championships, and the 2014 Grande Prairie Stompede where he emerged as the champion. Tim started his career on the CPCA circuit and won additional show championships at the Wainwright Stampede in 2003 and 2007 and the CPCA Lloydminster Finals in 2005. Tim’s outfit also captured the CPCA’s Meadow Lake Stampede in 2007, but a pre show injury prevented him from driving and his outfit was handled by replacement driver Roger Moore. Tim was the recipient of CPCA Award for Excellence in Corporate Involvement in 2000 and has won many CPCA show awards for Best Dressed Chuckwagon. He was scheduled to compete at the Calgary Stampede GMC Rangeland Derby for the first time in 2004, until a pre–show injury prevented him from driving that year, but made his debut two years later in 2006. Tim and his wife Melissa, who was honored with the WPCA's Ty Tournier Memorial Award in 2011,  make their home in Melfort, Saskatchewan.