Past Competitors

Dustin Graham

Name Birth Date: December 31, 1980
Year Started Outriding: 2003
Hometown: Hanna, AB

World Professional Standings

2008 - 23rd
2007 - 19th
2006- Did Not Compete
2005- Did Not Compete
2004- Did Not Compete
2003 - CPCA Member - Rookie Season 

Personal Information

Dustin Graham is new outrider who returned to outriding in 2007 after taking 3 seasons off. A mid season injury kept him out of action the last half of 2007 where he finished 19th in the world standings. Growing up in Hanna, Dustin got his start in the chuckwagon business thanks to Colt and Chad Cosgrave. Dustin made his debut ride behind Rae Croteau Jr. at the North American Chuckwagon Championship in High River in 2003. He finished his first year with the CPCA, and received the CPCA's High Point Rookie Outrider award. Dustin works as a field operator for Conoco Phillips in the off season, and enjoys hockey, hunting, fishing and horses.