Past Competitors

Brian Mayan



Birth Date: February 2, 1968
Year Started Outriding: 1982
Year Started Driving: 2000
Hometown: High River, AB
WPCA Championship Final Heat Qualifications: 3


World Professional Standings
2011 - 35th
2010 - 33rd
2009 - 17th
2008 - 25th
2007 - 31st
2006 - 35th
2005 - Did Not Compete
2004 - CPCA Member
2003 - CPCA Member

Major Awards And Victories

  • 1990: Rod Glass Memorial Award (Most Improved Outrider), Ponoka Stampede Champion Outrider
  • 1993: Ponoka Stampede Champion Outrider 
  • 1994: WORLD CHAMPION OUTRIDER, Calgary Stampede Rangeland Derby Champion Outrider, Rod Glass Memorial Award (Most Improved Outrider)
  • 1998: Calgary Stampede Aggregate Champion Outrider
  • 1999: Ponoka Stampede Champion Outrider
  • 2000: Ponoka Stampede Champion Outrider
  • 2001: Calgary Stampede Aggregate Champion Outrider
  • 2002: WPCA Top Rookie Driver
  • 2004: Ponoka Stampede Champion Outrider
  • 2005: Ponoka Stampede Champion Outrider
  • 2007: Ponoka Stampede Champion Outrider
  • 2008: Edmonton Chuckwagon Derby
  • 2009: Bonnyville Chuckwagon Championship
  • 2010: Calgary Stampede Aggregate Champion Outrider

     Personal Information
    One of the top all-around chuckwagon hands around, Brian won the Bonnyville Chuckwagon Championship in 2009 and Edmonton's Chuckwagon Derby in 2008. He has qualified for three career winner–take–all championship final heats and has won two of them. Brian was the WPCA's Top Rookie Driver Award winner in 2002 and was the World Champion Outrider in 1994. Brian is a 2-time recipient of the WPCA's Rod Glass Memorial Award for Most Improved Outrider, and outrode for both Neal Walgenbach’s WPCA Pro Tour Championship outfits in 2001 and 2007. He was an outrider on Tom Glass’s 1994 Calgary Stampede Rangeland Derby Championship outfit, outrode for 7 Ponoka Stampede Championship outfits, and outrode for 3 Calgary Stampede Aggregate Championships. A second-generation wagon man, Brian's father Kevan drove in the 1970's and 1980's and his older brother Gary is a former outrider and driver as well. Brian’s sister Teresa, who is his number one barn hand, was the recipient of the 2009 Ty Tournier Memorial Award. In the off season Brian enjoys working out and playing hockey. Brian and his wife Melinda make their home in High River, Alberta.