Past Competitors

Tyler Helmig


Tyler Helmig

Birth Date: August 26, 1961
Year Started Driving: 1988
Hometown: Leduc, AB
WPCA Championship Final Heat Qualifications: 15


World Professional Standings
2010 - WCA Member
2009 - 19th
2008 - 13th
2007 - 22nd
2006 - 12th
2005 - 24th
2004 - 13th
2003 - 14th

Major Awards And Victories

  • 1988: WPCA Top Rookie Driver
  • 1994: WPCA Most Improved Chuckwagon Outfit
  • 1999: Klondike Chuckwagon Derby
  • 2005: WPCA Equine Award Of Excellence - "ICE" - Champion Outriding Horse


Personal Information
Tyler was the 2002 World Champion Chuckwagon Driver and is a former Champion of the Klondike Chuckwagon Derby in Edmonton. Tyler was the WPCA's Top Rookie Driver in 1988, received the WPCA's Most Improved Chuckwagon Outfit Award in 1994, and had a horse named to the WPCA's Equine Outfit of Excellence in 2005. Tyler qualified for the Calgary Stampede Rangeland Derby's sudden death championship final heat for the 2nd time in his career in 2009, and is now retired from chuckwagon racing. He ran his last season on the Western Chuckwagon Association circuit where he won the WCA’s Mile Zero Chuckwagon Derby in Dawson Creek and the Battle River show in Manning. Tyler is the only man in history to have won both the World Chuckwagon Championship and the World Pony Chuckwagon Championship. Tyler is the son of former Canadian Wild Horse Racing Champion Glen Helmig and son-in-law of former rodeo stock contracting legend Harvey Northcott, Tyler, his wife Cindy and their son Tyce make their home in Leduc, Alberta.