Cliff Cunningham


Cliff Cunningham

Birth Date: February 26, 1953
Year Started Driving: 2006
Hometown: Devon, AB
WPCA Championship Final Heat Qualifications:1


World Professional Standings
2017 - 29th
2016 - 15th *
2015 - 26th
2014 - 29th
2013 - 26th
2012 - 32nd
2011 - 18th
2010 - 14th
2009 - 25th
2008 - 27th
2007 - 30th - Rookie Season
* Injured. Outfit driven all season by Jess Willard

Major Awards And Victories

  • 2008: WPCA Top Rookie Driver Award

Personal Information
The 2016 season was bittersweet for Cliff Cunningham. After having one of the top outfits on the WPCA Pro Tour the second half of the 2015 season, Cliff was looking forward to a prosperous 2016 season when he underwent sudden throat cancer surgery just prior to the start of the season, and enlisted the services of Jess Willard to drive his outfit all year long. However, the 2016 season was pretty good to the Cunningham outfit as it posted 10 top ten runs, including a day money run at the Battle of the North in Dawson Creek and 6 other runs that cracked the top five. A third place overall aggregate finish at the Bonnyville Chuckwagon Championship was his beat of the year. Cliff is a veteran driver with over 30 years experience driving horses, and was the WPCA’s Top Rookie Driver in 2008. In 2010 he qualified for his first career championship final heat on the WPCA Pro Tour at the Grande Prairie Stompede, and later that same season was one among the elite eight drivers that made the playoff round for the WPCA Pro Tour Championship. Cliff was a late addition to the 2007 WPCA Pro Tour, and made his debut at the Ponoka Stampede. By years end, Cliff had cracked the top ten overall at the Edmonton Chuckwagon Derby and the Red Deer Chuckwagon Championship. In 2009 Cliff won his first two day monies on the WPCA Pro Tour – one at the Ponoka Stampede and one the Strathmore Heritage Days Stampede. He made his second consecutive appearance at the Calgary Stampede’s centennial celebration in 2012. Cliff started driving thoroughbred chuckwagons with the Western Chuckwagon Association (WCA) and won the WCA’s Cranberry Lake show, was the top aggregate wagon and qualified for the championship final at the WCA’s Grande Prairie show. Prior to driving big wagons, Cliff drove pony chuckwagons and pony chariots for 30 years and won several big shows in such places as High Prairie, Grimshaw, Sundre, and Chilliwack. Cliff has 5 children - Austin, Chris, Shauna, Carla, and Michelle - and 2 grandchildren. Cliff and his wife Wendy make their home in Devon, Alberta.


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