Past Competitors

Colt Cosgrave


Colt Cosgrave

Birth Date: November 4, 1978
Year Started Driving: 1997
Hometown: Hand Hills, AB
Championship Final Heat Qualifications: 5




World Professional Standings

2017 - 30th
2016 - 18th  
2015 - 19th
2014 - 21st
2013 - 21st
2012 - 17th
2011 - 6th
2010 - 13th
2009 - 28th
2008 - 27th
2007 - 20th
2006 - 20th
2005 - 29th
2004 - Did Not Compete
2003 - 31st
2002 - 23rd
2001 - 17th
2000 - 18th
1999 - 26th
1998 - 29th
1997 - 24th - Rookie season


Major Awards And Victories

  • 2006: Red Deer Chuckwagon Championship, WPCA Equine Outfit Of Excellence - "ROGUE" - Champion Outriding Horse
  • 2010 Herman Flad Memorial Award (WPCA Most Improved Driver
  • 2015: Calgary Stampede Equine Outfit Of Excellence - "SHOTSKY" - Champion Outriding Horse, WPCA Equine Outfit of Excellence - "BAFFERT" - Champion Left Wheeler
  • 2016: Ponoka Stampede, WPCA Equine Outfit Of Excellence - "CUJO" - Champion Right Leader

Personal Information
After 20 seasons of competing as a professional chuckwagon driver, Colt drove his final race at the 2017 Calgary Stampede. The 2017 season saw Colt post 15 top ten runs, including 6 runs that cracked the top five. A fifth-place overall finish at the Grande Prairie Stompede and third place overall finish at the Ponoka Stampede where he made the semi final round were his best of a shortened season. Colt had a major breakthrough in 2016 when he captured one of chuckwagon racing’s premiere events – the Ponoka Stampede, and his horse “CUJO” was named the WPCA Equine Outfit of Excellence Champion Right Leader.  Colt won the 2006 Red Deer Chuckwagon Championship, was the 2010 WPCA Most Improved Driver, and has had three horses named to the WPCA Equine Outfit of Excellence and one horse named to the Calgary Stampede’s Equine Outfit of Excellence. He was runner-up for the Richard Cosgrave Memorial Award, named in honor of his father, and symbolic of the Calgary Stampede's Aggregate winner in 2012 - the same year he qualified for the Calgary Stampede's semi-final round. Colt is the older brother of outrider Chad Cosgrave, cousin of Jason Glass, and the son of the late Richard Cosgrave for whom the Calgary Stampede Aggregate Trophy is named. He is the great-grandson of Tom Lauder and Dick Cosgrave, grandson to Bob Cosgrave and Ronnie Glass, and nephew to Tom Glass – all World and Calgary Stampede champion chuckwagon drivers. Colt’s has twenty–nine Calgary Stampede GMC Rangeland Derby Championships, eight Calgary Stampede Aggregate Championships, and fourteen World Championships in his family’s history. Colt and Charleigh Profit are parents to a new baby daughter - Harper Rose - and make their home in Hand Hills, Alberta.