Zach Bond


Jason Lemieux Birth Date: December 14, 1997
Year Started Outriding: 2014
Hometown: Nashua, Iowa

World Professional Standings
2018 - Chuckwagon Racers of IA-MN Member
2017 - Chuckwagon Racers of IA-MN Member
2016 - Chuckwagon Racers of IA-MN Member
2015 - Chuckwagon Racers of IA-MN Member
2014 - Chuckwagon Racers of IA-MN Member - Rookie Season

Personal Information
One of the few Americans competing on the WPCA Pro Tour, Zach is a talented young outrider from Iowa. A 3rd generation chuckwagon competitor, Zach is the son of former driver Robert Bond, the grandson of former driver/outrider Rick Bond, and is the nephew of former driver/outrider Kurt Bond  who spent their entire careers on the Chuckwagon Racers of Iowa-Minesota circuit in the Midwestern United States. Zach made his first ride behind his father Robert's wagon at Alison, Iowa in 2014 and competed with the Chuckwagon Racers of IA-MN until 2018. After some coaxing from WPCA driver Troy Dorchester, Zach came north to try his hand on the WPCA Pro Tour and made his debut ride at the Grande Prairie Stompede behind Roy Romanow, and picked up additional rides with Troy Dorchester and Roger Moore. A former rodeo cowboy, Zach rode bulls for 4 years in the UBRA, and was a member of the golf team at the North Iowa Area Community College. Zach works for Ohler Pumps in the off season, and enjoys golfing, rodeo, fishing and hunting. Zach is single and makes his home in Nashua, Iowa.