Quinn Langevin



Birth Date: February 1, 1999
Year Started Outriding: 2018
Hometown: Virden, Manitoba




World Professional Standings

2018 - 16th - Rookie Season

Personal Information
Another of the new outriders who started during the last half of the 2018 WPCA Pro Tour season, Quinn started his chuckwagon career in 2018, first as a barn hand, and later as an outrider for driver Troy Dorchester. He made his debut ride behind Troy Dorchester at the 2018 Strathmore Stampedeand continued to ride behind Dorchester for the rest of the 2018 season. Quinn is a 3rd generation chuckwagon competitor whose grandfather Dennis Langevin was the 1983 WPCA Top Rookie Driver, and his uncle Dallas Langevin drove on both the WCA and CPCA circuits.  In his spare time Quinn enjoys basketball, singing, dancing and musical theatre. He makes his home in Virden, Manitoba