Past Competitors

Nicolas Hardy


Name Birth Date: May 25, 1988
Year Started Outriding: 2017
Hometown: Cayenne, France

World Professional Standings
2017 – 18th - Rookie Season

Personal Information
After travelling the circuit as a barn hand the past two seasons, Nicolas jumped into the saddle as an outrider and made his first ride at the Battle of the North behind Logan Gorst in 2017. A former Operations/Intelligence Officer in the French Navy, Nicolas left to study Canadian Culture and embarked on travelling the country. He was introduced to Logan Gorst and began working with Logan as a barn hand. Through the encouragement and support of Logan, Gary and Dustin Gorst, Nicolas is now embarking on a career as an outrider and will compete in his first full season on the WPCA Pro Tour in 2018. Nicolas enjoys playing polo, sailing, hiking, kitesurfing, dancing and is interested in art, history and literature. He is single and now makes his home in Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan.