Dean Arcand


Colt Cosgrave

Birth Date: September 18, 1997
Year Started Outriding: 2015
Hometown: Debden, Saskatchewan

World Professional Standings
2017 - 17th
2016 - CPCA Member
2015 - CPCA Member - Rookie Season

Major Awards and Victories
2017: WPCA Top Rookie Outrider

Personal Information
2017 was a successful first year for Dean as he waked away with the WPCA Top Rookie Outrider award. In his first season on the Tour, Dean rode all season for Curtis Morin, while also riding behind Rick Fraser at the Ponoka Stampede and Dave Galloway in the demonstration race at the Calgary Stampede.  Overall, Dean completed his first year on the circuit in 17th place. Dean started his outriding career in 2015 for his Uncle Kelly Morin at the Colonial Days Fair in Lloydminster. He completed his first full season in 2016 on the CPCA circuit and was named the CPCA's High Point Rookie Outrider. Dean is a third generation wagon man whose uncles are current WPCA drivers Curtis and Kelly Morin and his grandfather Bruce Morin drove chuckwagons on the CPCA Circuit and at the Calgary Stampede for many years. Dean enjoys hockey, riding horses, soccer and working out. Dean is single and makes his home in Debden, Saskatchewan.


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