Past Competitors

Jess Willard
Chad Harden

Birth Date: June 5, 1981
Year Started Driving: 1997
Hometown: Milo, AB
WPCA Championship Final Heat Qualifications:1

World Professional Standings

2015 - 36th
2014 - Did Not Compete
2013 - Did Not Compete
2012 - Did Not Compete
2011 - Did Not Compete
2010 - Did Not Compete
2009 - Did Not Compete
2008 - Did Not Compete
2007 - Did Not Compete
2006 - Did Not Compete
2005 - 25th
2004 - 16th
2003 - 18th
2002 - 28th
2001 - 27th
2000 - 11th
1999 - 17th
1998 - 17th
1997 - 22nd - Rookie Season

Major Awards And Victories

1997: WPCA Top Rookie Driver Award
2003: Red Deer Chuckwagon Championship, WPCA Most Improved Driver

Personal Information

2015 saw Jess return to the WPCA Pro Tour after a nine year absence, and he was awarded the Kenn Borek Memorial Award for Most Sportsmanlike Driver at the Battle of the North. A very personable and talented chuckwagon driver, Jess won the 2003 Red Deer Chuckwagon Championship and qualified for his first sudden death championship final heat at the Battle Of The North that same year. He received the 2003 WPCA Most Improved Chuckwagon Outfit Award, was the WPCA's Top Rookie Driver in 1997, and for many years held the track record at the Strathmore Heritage Days Stampede. Jess had his best year on the WPCA Pro Tour in 2000 placing 11th and his best at the Calgary Stampede in 2004 placing 14th overall. Jess won the Newalta Clean Drive Award for the Strathmore Heritage Days and won the NAPA Auto Parts Heat Of The Night at the Badland Dinosaur Derby in 2005. A third-generation chuckwagon driver, Jess is the son of former World and Calgary Stampede GMC Rangeland Derby Champion Ward Willard, and the grandnephew of the legendary Hank Willard - the only man to win five consecutive Calgary Stampede Championships. Jess is single and makes his home in Milo, Alberta.