Name Nickname: "COUGAR"
Name: Cougar Mountain Lodge
Year of Birth: 2003
Driver: Kirk Sutherland


Major Awards And Victories 
2012: WPCA Equine Outfit of Excellence Champion Left Leader

Personal Information
The 2012 Equine Outfit of Excellence Champion left leader is Kirk Sutherlands Cougar Mountain Lodge.  This 9 year old California bred black gelding was bought as a 6 year old in the fall of 2009, and  made his debut on the left lead in 2011 at the Calgary Stampede.  An aggressive horse by nature, Cougar proved to be well named as he has been known to bite the arm of the lead man before the horn blows.  But it was after the horn blew that Cougar really made his mark, as he helped power Kirk to an unprecedented 8 straight day monies on the 2012 WPCA Pro Tour.


FLO 728 X 90