Past Competitors

Frank Van Eaton


Colt Cosgrave

Birth Date: October 22, 1982
Year Started Outriding: 2010
Hometown: Lacombe, AB


World Professional Standings
2013 - 16th
2012 - CPCA Member
2011 - CPCA Member
2010 - CPCA Member - Rookie Season

Personal Information
A third generagtion wagonman, and riding on a part time basis, Frank finished his first year on the WPCA Pro Tour in 16th spot in the World Outriding Standings. He started his career outriding for his father Bob on the CPCA circuit in 2010. He won the first show championship of his career in 2012 outriding for B.J. Cary at the CPCA's Yorkton show, and added two more outriding for Ray Mitsuing's winning outfit at the CPCA Prairie Racing Series and the Frog Lake First Nation shows. Frank is a second generation wagon man whose father is current driver Bob Van Eaton and his grandfather Don Van Eaton drove chuckwagons at the Calgary Stampede between 1961 and 1973. Frank works as a driller for Savanna Drilling Canada in the off season, and enjoys hockey, riding horses and spending time with his kids. Frank  has three children - Teaghan, Kayden and Kelsey, and makes his home in Lacombe, Alberta.