Past Competitors

Neal Walgenbach

Name Birth Date: July 6, 1956
Year Started Driving: 1987
Hometown: Stettler, Alberta 
Championship Final Heat Qualifications: 18
Wins: 9

World Professional Standings
2012 - CPCA Member
2011 - Did Not Compete 
2010 - CPCA Member 
2009 - CPCA Member
2008 - CPCA Member

Major Awards And Victories
1987: WPCA Top Rookie Driver Award;
1995: Orville Strandquist Award (Calgary Stampede Top Rookie Driver);
1999: Medicine Hat Exhibition & Stampede;
2000: Grande Prairie Stompede; Ponoka Stampede;
2001: Medicine Hat Exhibition & Stampede, Lethbridge & District Exhibition, Strathmore Heritage Days Stampede, WPCA Dodge Pro Tour Championship
2005: Grande Prairie Stompede, WPCA Equine Outfit Of Excellence - "HOTSHOT ROBBIE" - Champion Left Wheeler;
2006: Grande Prairie Stompede;
2007: , WPCA Dodge Pro Tour Championship, Badlands Dinosaur Derby; WPCA Equine Outfit Of Excellence - "JAYWALKER" - Champion Left Leader
2008: CPCA Champion
2009: CPCA High Point Driver
2010: Richard Cosgrave Memorial Award (Calgary Stampede Aggregate Champion)

Personal Information
Neal was the 2010 Calgary Stampede Aggregate Champion and has qualified for the Calgary Stampede GMC Rangeland Derby’s winner–take–all championship final heat three times. He is co–holder of the Calgary Stampede track record, and was the Calgary Stampede's Orville Strandquist Award winner for the Top Rookie Driver in 1995. Neal started his career with the WPCA and is a former Ponoka Stampede Champion, was a two–time champion of the WPCA Pro Tour Championship, was the 1987 WPCA Top Rookie Driver, and had 2 horses named to the WPCA’s Equine Outfit of Excellence. In 2008 he moved to the CPCA and won the 2008 CPCA?Championship, was the CPCA’s High Point Driver in 2009 and along with his family, received the CPCA Chuckwagon Family of the Year Award. The 2010 Calgary Stampede GMC Rangeland Derby was to be Neal’s last competition as a chuckwagon driver, but he was brought out of retirement in 2012 as a replacement for injured driver for Ross Knight, and will make his last appearance as a driver at the 2013 Calgary Stampede GMC Rangeland Derby.