Past Competitors

Glen Ridsdale


Birth Date: November 8, 1956
Year Started Outriding: 1972
Year Started Driving: 1984
Hometown: Paddle Prairie, Alberta 
Championship Final Heat Qualifications: 2
Wins: 0

World Professional Standings
2012 - WCA Member 
2011 - WCA Member
2010 - Did Not Compete 
2009 - Did Not Compete
2008 - Did Not Compete

Major Awards And Victories

  • 1991: Peace Country Chuckwagon & Chariot Association Champion
  • 1992: Peace Country Chuckwagon & Chariot Association Champion
  • 1994: WPCA Top Rookie Driver Award
  • 1997: Waterhole Chuckwagon Champion
  • 2004: WCA Champion
  • 2006: WCA Champion


Personal Information
One of the friendliest and classiest individuals on the WPCA Pro Tour, Glen returns to the WPCA for the first time since 2001. Glen is a two-time champion of the Peace Country Chuckwagon & Chariot Association, and a two-time champion of the Western Chuckwagon Association, and was selected as the Peace Country’s Most Supportive Driver in 1989. He was the WPCA’s Top Rookie Driver in 1994, won his first WPCA show at the Waterhole Chuckwagon Championship in 1997, and made two trips in three years to the sudden death championship finals of the Edmonton Klondike Derby. A. Known for his mascot “Speedy Gonzalez” who rides in the wagon box with him, Glen set a track record at the Calgary Stampede in 1993. Glen is the yonger brother of fellow competitor Bruce Ridsdale, and enjoys hockey in the off season. Glen and his wife Lorraine have four children - Cody, Janelle, Blaine, and Wendel.