Nickname: "KODAN"
Name: Kodan
Year of Birth: 1997
Sire: Sharkey
Dam: Irish Zen
Driver: Chance Bensmiller

Major Awards And Victories 
2011: WPCA Equine Outfit of Excellence Champion Outriding Horse

Personal Information
The 2011 Equine Outfit of Excellence Champion Outriding Horse is Chance Bensmiller’s is the veteran of this years champions. This 14 year old Chesnutt gelding was bought out of Columbus Racetrack in Nebrasca after a racetrack career that saw him win 9 races in an amazing 88 starts. Originally slated to be a wagon horse, Kodan was immediately moved by the Bensmiller camp to the outriding string because of his quiet, laid back nature, which made him perfect as an outriding horse, where he has been a fixture behind all 3 Bensmiller outfits since 2008.