Logan Gorst



Birth Date: April 18, 1982
Year Started Outriding: 1997
Year Started Driving: 2008
Hometown: Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan
Championship Final Heat Qualifications: 3
Wins: 0

World Professional Standings
2019 - 3rd
2018 - 8th
2017 - 5th
2016 - 8th
2015 - 16th
2014 - 20th
2013 - 18th
2012 - 23rd
2011 - CPCA Member
2010 - CPCA Member
2009 - CPCA Member
2008 - CPCA Member - Rookie Season 

Major Awards And Victories

  • 2003: CPCA Champion Outrider
  • 2004: CPCA Champion Outrider
  • 2005: Calgary Stampede Rangeland Derby Champion Outrider, Calgary Stampede Aggregate Champion Outrider, CPCA Champion Outrider
  • 2007: Calgary Stampede Rangeland Derby Champion Outrider, Calgary Stampede Aggregate Champion Outrider, CPCA Champion Outrider
  • 2018: WPCA Chuckwagon Person of the Year
  • 2019: Calgary Stampede Rangeland Derby Champion Driver, Richard Cosgrave Memorial Award (Calgary Stampede Aggregate Champion), Calgary Stampede Safety Award

Personal Information
One of chuckwagon racing’s top competitors and outstanding individuals, Logan was the recipient of the WPCA’s highest annual award – the 2018 Chuckwagon Person of the Year. 2018 also saw Logan post 15 top ten runs, including 2 first place runs and 4 runs that placed inside the top five. He qualified for “Semi-final Saturday” at the Calgary Stampede to go with 3 other top ten overall finishes. Logan has twice qualified for the championship final at Calgary Stampede GMC Rangeland and was runner-up for the Richard Cosgrave Memorial Award symbolic of the Calgary Stampede's Aggregate winner in 2017. An accomplished outrider, Logan outrode for two Calgary Stampede GMC Rangeland Derby Championship Outfits and two Calgary Stampede Aggregate winners in 2005 and 2007 all for Luke Tournier. Previously a member of the CPCA, Logan won 3 CPCA show championships and qualified for the championship final heat for the 2011 CPCA Championship in just 4 years of driving on the CPCA circuit. He is a four–time CPCA Champion Outrider, and won the CPCA High Point Rookie Driver Award in 2008. A third generation chuckwagon competitor, Logan is the grandson of former driver Art Gorst, son of current driver Gary Gorst, brother to outrider Dustin Gorst, cousin to former driver Layne Bremner, and son–in–law of two–time Calgary Stampede Rangeland Derby Champion Luke Tournier. Logan works as an Electrician/Instrumentation Journeyman Technician with Flashpoint Electric at the CNRL Kirby Lake site in the off season and plays hockey for the Meadow Lake Stampeders. He and his wife Shalyn have three daughters – Danika, Tayva and Myla - and make their home in Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan.