Name Nickname: "GRANVIEW"
Name: Granview Junction
Year of Birth: 
Driver: Chad Harden

Major Awards And Victories 
2009: WPCA Equine Outfit of Excellence Champion Outriding Horse

Personal Information

Chad Harden’s Granview Junction has the unique distinction as the only horse in the WPCA with a college education. For the last 3 years, Granview has trained students enlisted in the Racetrack program at Olds College how to ride a thoroughbred racehorse. When he is not teaching school, Granview, a 14 year old chesnutt and former wheel horse, has been teaching Chad’s new wagon horses how to drive during spring training, and also trains new outriders on the WPCA tour. Honest and consistent, Granview was a big part of Chad’s Calgary stampede and Edmonton Chuckwagon derby victories in 2009. This 14 year old equine professor officially gets his diploma by winning the 2009 WPCA Equine Outfit of Excellence Champion Outriding Horse.