Name Nickname: "JAG"
Name: Lucy’s Jag
Year of Birth: 1998
Sire: Jaggery John
Dam: Leccia
Driver: Luke Tournier

Major Awards And Victories 
2007: WPCA Equine Outfit of Excellence Champion Right Wheeler

Personal Information

The 2007 Equine Outfit of excellence Champion right wheeler is Luke Tournier’s Lucy’s Jag. This 9 year old Chesnutt gelding was bought 4 years ago from Turf Paradise Racetrack in Phoenix, and has been a superstar on the Tournier wagon for the past 4 years. Originally a tough horse to break, Jag has developed into a consistent hard charging wheeler that championship outfits are based on. He is also the third horse to win this award from the Tournier camp, and all three were apart of Luke’s 2 Calgary Stampede titles in the last 3 years. You arrive in style by driving a Jag, and for Luke Tournier and his Jag, the ride has never felt smoother. Ladies and Gentlemen, the 2007 Equine Outfit of Excellence Champion Right hand Wheeler, Luke Tournier’s Lucy’s Jag.