Name Nickname: "TYCOON"
Name: Tycoon County
Year of Birth: 2001
Sire: Ciano Cat
Dam: Kool Tycoon
Driver: Jason Glass

Major Awards And Victories 
2008: WPCA Equine Outfit of Excellence Champion Right Leader

Personal Information
The 2008 WPCA Equine Outfit of excellence champion right leader is Jason Glass’s Tycoon County. This 8 year old Alberta bred gelding was claimed in 2004 and raced until he was a 6 year old on the Alberta Circuit before making the jump to the chuckwagons in 2007. Although not a huge horse, Tycoon’s athleticism is what has proved to be perfect for the right hand lead position on Jason’s 1 and 2 barrell outfits.The word Tycoon is defined as “somebody powerful” and this Tycoon has proven to be the most powerful of all in the WPCA County.