Kris Molle Tops The Field At The 2019 WPCA Qualification Run-Off

Kris Molle - Tops The Field At The Qualification Run-Off In Dewberry
Photo By Fred Vidiuk

Rank Driver Final Points
1 Kris Molle 42
2 Layne Flad 39
3 Chance Bensmiller 34
4 Curtis Morin 34
5 Kelly Morin 32
6 Lane Tournier 30.5
7 Dayton Sutherland 28.5
8 Cody Fraser 26
9 Erik Tremblay 14
10 Blaid Flad 13
11 Roy Romanow 12
12 Louis Stanley 6


The pressure was on Sunday afternoon for the drivers attempting to qualify for the for 2020 WPCA Pro Tour. It was the last run at the annual WPCA Qualification Run-Off in Dewberry, Alberta. Current CPCA driver Kris Molle took the top time on the final run and secured himself a spot on the 2020 WPCA Pro Tour.

Coming off barrel number 1 in the 6th heat, Molle, driving the PWM Steel outfit, posted the fast time of the afternoon with a 1:08.03 and was best on the afternoon by 11 one-hundredths of a second over Layne Flad. Kelly Morin, Dayton Sutherland and Cody Fraser rounded out the top five on the day.

When the points were calculated, Kris Molle also placed first in the Qualification Run-Off standings with 42 points over four runs. Layne Flad was second with 39 points, while Chance Bensmiller and Curtis Morin split third and fourth with 34 points each, however, the tie breaker goes to Bensmiller based on his aggregate time. Kelly Morin was fifth with 32 points, while Lane Tournier grabbed the final qualifying spot with 30.5 points. Dayton Sutherland was the odd man out in seventh place with 28.5 points.

Should any of the drivers leave the World Tour prior to the start of the 2020 season or between a race meet during the 2020 season, the replacement driver position will be offered to the next driver in line that qualified from the run-off for the current year. The reserve order would be Dayton Sutherland, Cody Fraser, Erik Tremblay, Blaid Flad, Roy Romanow and Louis Stanley.

Billy Melville