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Another future star in wagon racing has fallen from the sport. The 2018 WPCA Battle of the Rockies Champion, Dayton Sutherland, has officially announced that he has been forced to withdraw from the 2019 WPCA Pro Tour after facing challenges in securing sponsorship support and being overlooked by other financially rewarding events that assist with the extensive costs of operating a chuckwagon racing business.  New competitors in the sport face immense challenges in meeting the financial demands and young competitors lack an extensive network of organizations to reach out to for sponsorship.  Check out Sutherland Racing's blog (Click Here) for an exclusive insider's view to the costs of operating a chuckwagon team.

The son of WPCA driver Mark Sutherland and grandson to 12-Time World Champion Kelly Sutherland, Dayton has made an impact on the sport as an outrider and driver, both on and off the track. In his five years with the WPCA as an outrider and driver, Dayton won the Rod Glass Memorial Rookie Outrider Award, the 2016 WPCA Rookie Driver Award and in 2018 he outran WPCA and Calgary Stampede champions to win the 2018 Battle of the Rockies in Rocky Mountain House. Off the track Dayton represented the WPCA and sport admirably as he interacted with the fans and media, supported community events and promoted the sport at every opportunity. He has a true passion for the sport and his team of horses.

Like any good competitor and businessman, Dayton will take a step back and determine his next move. The WPCA will continue to work on providing fans and sponsors the exciting professional sport of chuckwagon racing they desire and will make every effort possible to keep young stars in the sport to continue to promote our western heritage and this unique western Canada sport.

The WPCA will be accepting applications to fill Dayton's position on the tour up to and including March 14, 2019.  Email to submit your application.

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