2018 Equine Outfit Of Excellence - Standings After Guy Weadick Days

Kurt Bensmiller's "TENTH POWER" - 2016 Champion Right Wheeler

Left Lead   Right Lead
Driver Horse   Driver Horse
Kurt Bensmiller Gratitat   John Walters Dancer
John Walters Bounder   Kurt Bensmiller Hitchcock
Rick Fraser Spirit   Rick Fraser Ranger
Evan Salmond Salty   Evan Salmond Monahee
Kirk Sutherland Robo   Chad Harden Wild
Doug Irvine Kit   Doug Irvine Sky
Chad Harden RD   Chanse Vigen Oscar
Chanse Vigen Tom   Evan Salmond Memo
Evan Salmond Comet   Kirk Sutherland Bear
Jason Glass Smokey   Vern Nolin Skimmer
Cliff Cunningham Kid   Cliff Cunningham Aden/ Dawg Rock
Gary Gorst GT   Kirk Sutherland Rip
Left Wheel   Right Wheel
Driver Horse   Driver Horse
Rick Fraser Cowboy   Evan Salmond Cowboy
John Walters Jackman   Kurt Bensmiller Tenth Power
Kurt Bensmiller Aston   John Walters Rock
Kirk Sutherland Jack   Rick Fraser Jim
Doug Irvine Harmonic   Chad Harden Bear
John Walters Pistol   Kirk Sutherland Langford Max
Evan Salmond DeJay   Evan Salmond Alley
Evan Salmond Blue   John Walters Cool
Jason Glass Bafford   Cliff Cunningham LP
Kirk Sutherland Tootoo   Doug Irvine Tschuss
Layne MacGillivray Bart   Gary Gorst Tommy
Gary Gorst Well Wisher   Rick Fraser Vegas
Outriding Horses      
Driver Horse      
Kirk Sutherland Will      
Chanse Vigen Secret      
Rick Fraser Ed      
Kurt Bensmiller Hume      
Kurt Bensmiller Rictor      
Evan Salmond Stormy      
John Walters Arrow      
Rick Fraser Andy      
Evan Salmond Magic      
Evan Salmond Zip      
Doug Irvine Salty      
John Walters Joe      
Chad Harden Brand      
Chad Harden Scooter      
Gary Gorst Bob      
Gary Gorst Unquiet      
Kirk Sutherland Allstar