Every year when the calendar flips from December to January anyone involved with the sport of chuckwagon racing has a number of things on their mind. For some they realize spring training is one month closer. For others it's the realization that the first race of the season is less than 5 months away and for a wagon driver it may be thoughts of another trip out to the barn, pen or field to feed oats or hay in minus 30 degrees.

The one thing that warms everyones mind is the Calgary Stampede Canvas Auction which has been referred to by many as the official kick off to the chuckwagon racing season.

In 2018 the Calgary Stampede Canvas Auction will take place Thursday March 22nd.  28 WPCA chuckwagon drivers will be competing at the Calgary Stampede this year. Once again you will have the opportunity to bid on a WPCA driver to win the rights to showcase your company on his chuckwagon canvas during the Calgary Stampede GMC Rangeland Derby.

Your company can be the exclusive advertiser and receive all the advertising features and benefits that are associated with your investment. You also have the option to share the investment with other companies.

As a winning bidder you are automatically granted a backstage pass (Behind the Barns Access) for you and your guests.  It doesn't stop there.  You can host your guests on VIP Row behind the barns just a few feet away from access to the horses and drivers.

Network with other companies, host your guests, advertise your company and enjoy the experience.

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GMC 2019 Temp