Mark Sutherland

Birth Date: February 24, 1971
Year Started Outriding: 1987
Year Started Driving: 1993
Hometown: Okotoks, AB
Championship Final Heat Qualifications: 8

World Professional Standings

2015 - 14th
2014 - 15th
2013 - 15th
2012 - 12th
2011 - 7th
2010 - 17th
2009 - 8th
2008 - 10th
2007 - 12th
2006 - 13th
2005 - 14th
2004 - 20th
2003 - 21st
2002 - 11th
2001 - 13th
2000 - 23rd
1999 - 19th
1998 - 23rd
1997 - 23rd
1996 - 22nd
1995 - 10th
1994 - 18th
1993 - 26th - Rookie Season


Major Awards And Victories

  • 1996: Orville Strandquist Award (Calgary Stampede Top Rookie Driver)
  • 2006: Mullen Group Safe Drive Award (Calgary Stampede Least Penalized Driver)
  • 2009: Calgary Stampede Safe Drive Award (Least Penalized Driver), WPCA Clean Drive Award
  • 2010: WPCA Dodge Pro Tour Championship
  • 2011:WPCA Chuckwagon Person of the Year, WPCA Equine Outfit of Excellence - "TEX" - Champion Left Wheeler)
  • 2015: Ashley Richards Memorial
  • 2016: Guy Weadick Days

Personal Information
One of chuckwagon racing’s technology experts and the son of chuckwagon legend Kelly Sutherland, 2015 was one of Mark's finest years on the WPCA Pro Tour. He won the Saskatoon World Chuckwagon Races and made the semi-final round at the Calgary Stampede for the third time in his career. He posted 14 top ten runs including 3 first place runs and 3 runs that cracked the top five. He briefly held the track record at Saskatoon, and had top ten overall aggregate finishes at five shows. Mark won the 2010 WPCA Pro Tour Championship in Strathmore and was the WPCA's Chuckwagon Person of the Year in 2011. Mark won the Calgary Stampede's Orville Strandquist Award for Top Rookie Driver in 1996, is a two–time winner of the Calgary Stampede's Safe Drive Award for Least Penalized Driver, and won the WPCA Clean Drive Award in 2009. He qualified for the GMC Rangeland Derby’s championship final in 2009, and had a horse named to the WPCA's Equine Outfit of Excellence in 2011. Known as the “High Tech Redneck,” for his use of Global Positioning System (GPS) technology as a tool for chuckwagon training, Mark also hosts his own annual charity poker tournament. Mark enjoys computers, hockey, fishing, and training horses when he is not racing chuckwagons. Mark and his wife Dina, have two children - Kiera and outrider Dayton, make their home near Okotoks, Alberta.


Sutherland Racing Website:
Sutherland Charity Poker Tournament:

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